Schlüsselbild: YM - Yard Management

YM - Yard Management

YM - Yard Management

Control and safety on the yard. Efficiency and transparency for parking, gate and ramp.

Functions of cadis YM Check:

  • Inbound and outbound transports
  • Check-in and registration


Additionnally to above functions you'll get the following:

  • Recording of gates and yard locations
  • Monitoring of units


Additionnally to above functions you'll get the following:

  • Planning of gates and yard locations
  • Execution of transport tasks within the yard

cadisWEBAPP for yard personnel

The cadis web app integrates workers on the yard via tablets, mobile computers or PC stations. Through the gate manager mobile users communicate with planners in real time enabling fast and efficient management of the yard. The highly configurable protocol functionality allows the documentation of incoming and outgoing transports. The captured information serves to fulfil existing documentation requirements and to provide important information needed in subsequent processes.

Interactive graphical yard map

The graphical map of the yard provides the planner with a real time overview of all units on the premises. The user recognizes at a glance all important information like the current location of units or the progress of loading and unloading activities. Units can be moved or dispatched via drag and drop.

Arrival board

The planning and supervision at an early stage for incoming vehicles is essential to ensure a seamless process at logistics sites or depots. The cadis arrival board provides dispatchers, depot employees and dock gates with identical information in real time so that all participants can anticipate their operational activities and react immediately if issues occur.