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Quality-related KPI at a glance

Do you know the quality and the performance of your organization?
The cadis Business Intelligence solutions offer dashboards, monitoring and analysis tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with which you are able to estimate the quality and performance of your operational business compared to your planned objectives in real-time!
cadis generates reports based on individual KPI’s and provides key indicators/data in order to keep your business healthy.
The KPIs which relate individually your operational processes reduce the complex aspects of organizational data to some key indicators so that you can better understand the operational situation in order to optimize your response to key issues.
The Key Performance Indicators and reports are clearly represented in form of online monitors and dashboards which show a both detailed and qualitative summary of different information. They represent an introduction towards connected reporting systems in which you can navigate step by step via the drill-down functions to the details and back. The user can change the layout, sequence and filter parameters of the report giving total flexibility.
You can at any time integrate and capture status from different systems via an open interface.
With an efficient database together with the use of analysis technologies, we can ensure accurate analysis even for large data quantities.
With flexible authorization management (user rights management) each user can have an appropriate view of the data which suits exactly his requirements.


  • You use cadis Business Intelligence as a tool for the optimization of your processes across different depots.
  • You increase your productivity by receiving operational information (status) in real time in the form of interactive or formatted reports.
  • You achieve an effective integration across different Business Intelligence tools as you are able to integrate adjustments and new reports independently into dashboards.
  • You obtain, via efficient analysis, important information concerning your operational processes and you can rapidly identify trends and discrepancies.

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